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May 5, 2014
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Remote viewing, sensing unseen target with power of mind.

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The subject of remote viewing has been discussed since 1960 and whoever has heard about remote viewing, have heard about Ingo Swann.

Remote viewing speaks about paranormal ability to see an unseen object with the power of the mind. i.e. the remote viewer can disturb a target which has given to him in deals without knowing what the target is.

Typically this is done by two people. A person who is choosing a target and another person who is the remote viewer. The remote viewer doesn’t have prior knowledge about the target which has been chosen. Usually, a closed envelope is handed to the remote viewer with a coordinate written on it. These coordinate are not actual coordinate to a place. These are just some random numbers which controller has chosen in order to differentiate different targets.

The remote viewer then has to identify the target and give some deals which describe the target.

Below, I will give you n example of remote veining session of Ingo Swann where he describes Jupiter before any NASA probe has been there.

On the evening 27 April 1973 Ingo Swann, performed a remote viewing session which was recorded by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff.

Ingo session took 30 minutes of silence where Ingo got Jupiter as a target. Of course, Ingo didn’t know what or where is the target was. The result of this session was astonishing. According to Swann, his ability allowed him to view Jupiter about three and a half minutes. In this session, Swann reported several reports of physical features of Jupiter. He described the surface of Jupiter and its core. He described seeing some sort of crystal in the atmosphere. Swann gave some distribution about the cloud which was like Saturn rings. This was of course before voyager probe confirmed the existence of these rings in 1979. The existence of the crystals although not in the atmosphere was confirmed by Galileo probe.

There are many remote viewers who claim to see different planets and aliens living in these planets. In some cases, the stories are truly unreliable and fascinating.

Problem with remote viewing is that the session and result are not conformable and one can not with scientific result proves the outcome of each session. Because of this problem where the result and the whole ability is not to be able to be confirmed scientifically, many scientists, consider the field being pseudoscience. Historically, remote viewing experiments have been criticized for lack of proper controls and repeatability.

Personally, I believe that remote viewing is an ability which exists and some people, if not most of us, possess it. Just because, right now, we don’t have the proper tools to measure and confirm the result that does not mean that the ability does not exist.

Many years ago the existence of the bacteria was not confirmed either, but today we know that bacteria do exist. Furthermore, I believe that our scientists are too much dependent on physical proof and data. There are many strange things in the world which exist and can not be recorded by our equipment. I would like the reader of this article to think and do its own conclusions of the subject. The purpose of this article is just to create curiosity.

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