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440Hz Vs 432Hz and why?

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Today’s conventional music define A by the frequency of 440Hz and everything else is derivatives of this frequency. There are however people who would like to change this. i.e. to change the A to be represented by 432Hz.

Many arguments are presented by these two groups to convince others of their cause. People Claim lots of things, some say that the brain is better tuned to 432Hz and 440Hz cause violence and stress. I really don’t want to go into this aspect of discussions. I believe if you are interested in this aspect, you can investigate yourself. Instead of that, will show you another aspect, which is more mysterious.
There are many YouTube videos and articles on the internet about the subject. However, one thing which caught my attention was the digit root of the 432Hz. You may ask what is the digit root?
I will try to explain this by an example. Consider the number 25987. If you consider each number without its position value. i.e. consider that each digit has the same position value. We can then make the following equation.
2+5+9+8+7, the sum of these numbers will give us 31 since we are looking for a digit root, we continue with 3+1 which is giving us 4. In this case, the digit root for 25987 is 4. (I know this is confusing, but please bear with me.).
Now consider the digit root for 432. You have 4+3+2 which gives you 9.
If you research a bit on the Internet you will find out that numbers 3, 6 and 9 consider being somewhat mystical. (Even Tesla believed that understanding these three numbers will give you the knowledge of the universe.)
Please consider the figures below:

Nothing strange really it is simple trigonometry. A circle has 360 degrees. If you divide the circle to half, each part will have 180 degrees. If we divide the circle to 4 and 8 pieces. We will get 90 degrees and 45 degrees for each piece of the pie.
Below are the digit roots of this operations. We can continue to eternity and the result will be the same.

As you can see, after each operation the digit root is 9. Is this a coincident or there is a divine purpose in it. I really don’t know but I find it very interesting, especially when I noticed that the digit root of the 432Hz is 9. To be honest, I feel better when I listen to music which is tuned with 432hz, unfortunately, you can not find so many pieces of music out there which are tuned to this frequency.
Do you want to hear something stranger? Number 9 plus any number will return the same number as digit root. It is like number 9 is not there at all.
Let me show this with an example.
9+3 give you 12 and 1+2 give you 3. we get the digit 3 which was added to number 9 back. If you try this with  any  number between 0-9 the result will be the same. Another example 9+5=14 => 1+4 =5. You see want I mean?

I am not sure if one can decide that music tuned to 432Hz is a better than 440Hz just because of this article, but it makes you think. Isn’t it?
Let me what you think. If you liked the article please share it and give it alike.

I was born and raised in 1968 in Tehran, the capital of Iran. At the age of 18, I was enlisted for the mandatory service in the military. At that time Iran was in a bloody war against Iraq. I had to endure the two years at the military. Soon after my service was ended, I got a job as a bank teller. I worked at this job for 4 years. 1992 I moved to Sweden to continue studying. At the same year, I met my lovely wife and married her. We got two children shortly after. I started university in 1997, and at the year 2000, I got my BSc degree in electrical engineering. After my education, I have had many jobs, Software designer, programmer, project manager. I am fluent in three languages, Swedish, English, and Persian (mother tongue). To sit in one place and not do anything, is a concept which I am not familiar with. I am active all the time. I like fantasy, Sci-fi books. To discover the unknown always fascinates me. Any mystery which is worth investigating captures my interest. It is always fascinating to see how people turn their imaginations and experiences into art which people can share.

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