Vegetarian” burger” with cauliflower

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November 4, 2018
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Vegetarian” burger” with cauliflower

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I am not a cook but I have a several recipes which I have come up with myself. People who use to eat this food had positive comments on it.  Here is a vegetarian food which both fun to make and it is delicious. 

  1. Mediumsize cauliflower.
  2. Mediumsize onion
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Greenbeans 150 g
  5. Verts 150g
  6. Butter 200g
  7. Breadcrumbs4 spoon
  8. Salt and pepperas needed

How to make it:

  • Wash and cut all the vegetable in a mixer and put them in a dish.
  • Add Salt and pepper as needed
  • Break the eggs and add into the dish
  • Add breadcrumbs

Take a form which can be placed into the oven. Melt the butter and make sure that it covers the form.  Pour the mixture into the form and spread it evenly all around.

Warm the oven until 200 C. (heat from both sides). Place the form inside the oven and wait 55-120 minutes.

 Serve with: bread, tomato, cucumber, onion and pickles.

This my favorite vegetarian food which I wanted to share. Share the recipe with others.  

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