The Sun is not Gaseous, A Debunk of mainstream theory about the sun.

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November 20, 2018
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The Sun is not Gaseous, A Debunk of mainstream theory about the sun.

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Since I remember, Scientist claimed that sun is a gaseous giant, I never searched for any proof and never doubted. I didn’t have any reasons to. Everybody said that the sun is Gaseous star.

The main stream science has believed this for over than 100 years.

Recently I came across a YouTube video where a scientist presented argument and proof. Now, I don’t say everything you see in YouTube is a fact, far from it but this made me start thinking.

Dr. Robitaille in his presentation claimed that since sun emit a white light it cannot be a gaseous body. Gas cannot emit continues spectrum. He believes that this misunderstanding in science was found from 18th century. Since then scientist has never bothered to investigated how a gaseous body emit continues spectrum.

According to spectroscopy, if you have a certain spectrum, there is specific content (Matter, etc.) which gives this specific spectrum. A mixture of atom and ionization cannot emit continues spectrum.

Dr. Robitaille claims if one asks an astronomer why is sun a gaseous body, he /she cannot answer the question. The mainstream scientists believe that since the sun has so extreme temperature, no other form of matter can exist except the gas. In reality, we know that gases do not emit, continues spectrum so the sun cannot be a gaseous body.

If we believe that the sun is not a gaseous body, then lots of theories and understanding about the stars fells apart.

Dr. Robitaille believes that the sun is a liquid body and it actually has a surface. This will cause further implication since liquid cannot be compressed and there for stars cannot collapse of its own gravity and create black holes.

To show that sun is liquid very easily, observe the picture below.

The picture below shows a sun flare and when the flare is shots into the space a ripple appears on the surface of the sun. This is the same effect when you through a small stone into a water surface.

To be honest, this makes me wonder, what else the scientists has got wrong.  Anyway, If you like the article, share it. Here is the link to the video 1

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