July 21, 2019

A synthetic living cell, this is crazy, did we just create life?

A team of scientist led by biologist Craig Venter is the first in human history to synthesize a living cell completely from scratch. The achievement comes at the end of 10 years of research by 20 scientists, and at a cost of around $40 million
July 20, 2019

Norwegian airline does it really worth it?

Nowadays many low budget airlines sell tickets all around the world. They charge for the seat, boarding, and languages. Often when you put together all the cost you can afford a real ticket from a proper airline.
July 8, 2019

A phone charging utility (Chargie)

Charging phone is easy and painless for most of the time but sometimes one would like what is happening to the phone while charging.
July 8, 2019

Earth natural vibration is changing

This phenomenon is electromagnetic resonance which is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann. This scientist predicted the earth natural frequency 1952, mathematically. These frequencies are extremely low frequencies (ELF). I don't want to go into the details, but in summary, one can say that earth has a natural frequency.